Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alicia Douvall Reveals That Her Boobs Are Made Out Of PIG’S SKIN

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates have a lot of boob job related tales to tell between them, but we think Alicia Douvall went in and swooped the top prize in last night’s show.

Speaking to Michelle Visage, who has gone under the knife three times, and Katie Hopkins in the bathroom, the 35-year-old revealed that she’d had a whopping EIGHTEEN boob jobs in her life, and she’s been left with absolutely zilch breast tissue, so docs have to use pig’s skin.


Alicia told her housemates: “I was flat chested… I don’t regret having one boob job.

“I’ve had eighteen, I wish I could have been happy as I was, I like them now though.”

The former model went on to throw in the pig-related bombshell, saying: “They’ve used pig to reconstruct my boobs, one of them has got loads of pig in it.”

Alicia then dropped her towel and offered a shocked Katie and Michelle a grope, with Ms. Hopkins ruling that Michelle, who hasn’t used any pig’s skin, had much softer boobs.

Lovely stuff, we can all sleep at night now that we know that vital piece of information.

The former Apprentice star then, rather shockingly, revealed that she’d have a boob job if it was offered to her for free as she hates being “flat chested” with Alicia piping in: “I’d rather be dead than not have tits.

“I could not live without tits. I wouldn’t feel feminine.”

Oh dear.

Michelle tried to argue that femininity came from within, with Katie adding that it’s better to feel powerful in a good suit than feminine with a fake pair of boobs, but Alicia was having none of it.

Then again, she has had almost twenty boob jobs so is her point of view really all that shocking?

Alicia also revealed in last night’s show that she didn’t know her alphabet or shapes until she taught them to her three-year-old daughter, Papaya.

She really is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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