Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Calum Best Drops The C-Bomb In Argument With Perez Hilton

If you thought that the last week of Celebrity Big Brother would involve everybody realising that all of the petty arguing is futile and they may as well get along, then we are afraid that you were massively wrong.

In fact, things got even more heated last night following Cami-Li’s surprise eviction, with the normally incredibly chilled out Calum Best finally snapping, and even dropping the c-bomb in a heated argument with Perez Hilton.


After father-of-one Perez claimed that he was over the moon that Cami had been given the boot, Calum totally lost his cool, shouting: “What’s your f*cking problem?”

When the 36-year-old shrugged off his anger, saying: “I don’t even like you, I’m just living with you,” and accused Cal of playing a game by staying on the sidelines, the 31-year-old went absolutely cray.

“I am a genuine, honest, chilled out person,” Calum insisted, “No one likes you because you act like a d*ckhead!

“You have 72 different characters and play up to the ‘Perez Show’, and that’s why noone in this country likes you.

“You f*cking power tripper, you’re a piece of sh*t and nobody likes you!

“Don’t bother talking to me for the rest of the time, you c***!”


Although, we somehow doubt that Perez will be crying himself to sleep at night over that one.

After the mahoosive fight, Michelle Visage congratulated Calum for “standing up for himself”, whilst Kavana spent the rest of the evening following the former playboy around to shower him with compliments.

The 90s singer gushed: “Meek and mild Perez has gone back to absolute f*cking manipulative crazy lunatic, and is riling up the gentlest, kindest, most real people in the house.”

Luckily for the housemates, two of them will be kicked out of the house in tonight’s surprise double eviction, and the rest will have just 48 hours left to endure before they can walk out of Elstree Studios and never have to spend another day with Perez again.

Still, we bet those 48 hours sound like an absolute lifetime to the majority of contestants…

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