Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Cami Li: ‘The Show Is Fixed To Keep Perez Hilton In’

Some viewers have accused Celebrity Big Brother of pulling out all the stops to keep controversial housemate, Perez Hilton, in the show. Now, latest evictee, Cami Li, has revealed that she totally agrees with the claims, saying that the show is “fixed” in the blogger’s favour.

Well, it is ‘The Perez Show’ after all…

She’s only been out of the house for two minutes, but the alternative model has dished that contestants reckon Big Brother is “terrified” of Perez thanks to his constant threats to sue the producers.


Speaking to The Sun, Cami shared: “Big Brother definitely fixed that show.

“They do it because it makes good TV, they do it because of his mental weakness, and they do it because he kept threatening them legally.

“They are running scared of him.

“He’d shout out his lawyer’s number all the time, so they knew he meant business.”

Sounds as though the father-of-one is well and truly up to speed when it comes to the legalities…

Perez caused mass controversy within days of the show’s launch, with the star eventually seeing fellow housemate, Alexander O’Neal, quit the show because he couldn’t handle living with the eccentric character.

The 37-year-old went on to have explosive rows with almost every other contestant, and Cami is no exception, with the 28-year-old adding: “Perez is a little b*tch.

“He’d never have said the things he said to Alexander outside of the house – he’d have got his a** kicked.

“He’s hiding behind Big Brother.

“Calum Best was going to punch him. He said if it had been in the street, he would have, but I held him back.

“I don’t know how Perez has gone through life without being killed.”

Cami herself caused mass scandal when she told a stunned Emma Willis that she wanted to slit Perez’s throat during her live eviction interview, and the beauty has since admitted that she probs shouldn’t have said that.

“He’s vile, he’s a parasite, he has a personality disorder and I hate him,” she seethed, “He has a son.

“I don’t want to bring that boy into it, but I feel truly sorry for him.

“I grew up in a rough part of Miami. I was kicked out of school for fighting and if I’d been twenty I would have punched him the face.

“I said I’d slit his throat on TV. I shouldn’t have said that. I wouldn’t slit his throat – he’s too tall.

“I never want to see that pathetic man again, not even a picture.”

Yikes! But after that outburst, we’re fairly confident that Perez won’t want to see her again either…

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