Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Dane Bowers DENIES Ever Dating Alicia Douvall

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother saw former love rivals, Alicia Douvall and Katie Price, come face to face as they opened up about their shared ex boyfriends after almost ten years of hostility.

The beef between the two plastic surgery fans started way, way back when Katie allegedly ‘stole’ footballer Dwight Yorke off Alicia, who was living with the 43-year-old at the time, however, the mum-of-two also claimed that she’d dated Katie’s first love, Dane Bowers, too.

Now things have taken a turn for the awkward as the Another Level singer has come forward to strongly deny that he and Alicia had any kind of love-in, claiming that they most definitely couldn’t have been seeing eachother for eight months as he’s only actually met her three times.


Taking to Twitter, Dane ranted: “Wow! Just read that Alicia said she was ‘seeing me’ for eight months??? Wow!!

“I think I’ve MET her three times?! Most amazing bulls**t yet!”

Calm down, babes, it’s hardly the end of the world.

This isn’t the first time that 35-year-old has crawled out of the woodwork to give his two cents on the show, previously slamming his actual ex (there’s some pretty vomtastic video evidence for this one), Katie Price, for claiming that she was suicidal following their split.

After watching the former glamour model say that she attempted an overdose after he broke her heart, Dane wrote on Twitter: “Hmmm that’s not quite how I remember it but hey…”

Before adding that he might be tempted to finally reveal all about their romance, saying:  “And to this day I’ve never actually told the Second side to that story…”

Needless to say, we are definitely intrigued – but we’re even more confused as to why Alicia would make up dating Dane blimmin’ Bowers of all people?

Somebody here is definitely telling porkies, we’re just not entirely sure who….

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