Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Dane Bowers Found Out Katie Price Aborted His Baby After Her Attempted Suicide

Although some people have accused Katie Price of being “boring” whilst in the Celebrity Big Brother house, you can’t deny that she has told some pretty shocking stories – with an attempted suicide following her split from Dane Bowers being the most jaw-dropping, and heartbreaking, of all.

Now, Dane has come forward to give his side of the story, which, if you think about it, was always going to happen sooner or later.

Speaking to The Sun, the 35-year-old shared: “We broke up in my car, and Katie took it hard.

“She was still staying at my flat in South London, and one evening I got a call from her while I was out.

“Her speech was slurred and she told me she had ‘done something stupid’ and taken an overdose.

“My heart dropped.”

The singer, who dated Katie from 1998-2000, reveals that he then rushed to be at his ex girlfriend’s side, adding: “I rushed round to find paramedics tending to her, and then they took her to hospital and pumped her stomach.

“She had taken paracetamol and anything she could find.”

Dane then discovered that the now mum-of-five had also aborted his baby, claiming: “I went to visit her in the hospital, and when I arrived she was clutching a picture of us.

“It was only later that I found out that she had had an abortion too.”

Despite cashing in on Katie’s CBB publicity, Dane insists that he finds his ex-girlfriend “embarrassing” and wishes that she would move on with her life, telling The Sun: “She is obsessed.

“I try to move on but she loves to drag it up by telling everyone on CBB about how I broke her heart fifteen years ago.

“She has been married three times but to this day claims I’m the love of her life, it’s crazy.

“Our relationship was a car crash in places, so there’s no need to tell the nation how wonderful it was.

“I still get messages every day about Katie – mostly about the sex tape that went around the world. It’s embarrassing, I’ll never get away from it – or her.”

Erm, bit harsh Dane?

Something tells us that the Pricey won’t be happy when she gets wind of these comments…

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