Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Emma Willis: ‘If You’re A Decent Human Being, You Don’t Need Protecting’ – EXCLUSIVE

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has been more explosive, dramatic, and controversial than any series that has come before it, with there arguably being far too few nice guys, and far too many mean girls, to make for a peaceful house.

Now Emma Willis has come forward to say that in her book, as long as you are a “decent person” whilst in the famous house, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity ahead of the launch of her, Joel Dommett, and Stephen Mulhern’s new quiz show, ‘Reality Bites’, the trio were discussing which reality show they’d love to sink their teeth into.

Stephen revealed: “If I thought that Emma could protect me, I would go into the Big Brother house.

“But once you’re in, you’re in – there’s nothing that she can do to help!”

However, gorgeous Emma reckons that the 37-year-old wouldn’t need her help, retorting: “You don’t need protecting as long as you’re a decent human being.

“If you’re nice, you’ll get along just fine.

“Look at Calum Best, he’s a nice chap. Look at Cheggers, he’s a nice chap. Look at Katie Price, she’s doing absolutely fine.

“Even Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins, they’ve been controversial but they’re still in there. They’re both amazing!”

Exactly Stephen, you’d be just fab all by yourself.

The mum-of-two went on to share exactly what she thought of the series, adding: “This is the best series of Celebrity Big Brother that has ever been.

“I really didn’t think that we could top last January’s series, but I think that we just have.”

Who knew that Lee Ryan being a vom-inducing loverat could be so easily beaten by the Perez show, eh?

Meanwhile, Emma definitely didn’t fancy a slice of the Big Brother action for herself, deciding: “I couldn’t do I’m A Celebrity because I couldn’t eat all that horrible stuff.

“So I would say either Strictly Come Dancing, because I love it, or Survivor because it’s kind of like I’m A Celebrity but you don’t have to eat all of the stuff.”

However, Stephen wouldn’t mind a bite of a kangaroo testicle, telling us: “I’d go for I’m A Celebrity because it would just be nuts.

“Still, at least I could walk out and do a Gemma Collins!”

On the other hand, comedian Joel had a different idea entirely, joking: “There’s an American programme called ‘Naked Survival’ where they drop two people on an island and they’e completely naked, and they have to survive for a week.

“It looks so good, one of the people took duct tape and he survived because of the duct tape, he made shoes out of it.

“So I would choose Naked Survival. I would make duct tape shoes, and I would survive.

“I’d choose Stephen Mulhern as my second person, it would be great.”

And do you know what, we kind of have to agree.

Reality Bites Starts On Thursday 5th February, 10.30pm, on ITV2.

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