Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Gemma Collins Hits Back At Katie Hopkins After ‘Fat’ Insult

As you all obviously know by now, the charming and charismatic Katie Hopkinsis currently holed up in the Celebrity Big Brother house, where the powers that be had, for the first twenty-four hours inside, placed her under a ‘kindness curse’, where she had to be sickeningly nice to all the other ‘slebs inside.

Unfortunately for Gemma Collins, Katie decided not to extend her kindness to those outside of the Elstree Studios – name-checking the TOWIE star in one of her many rants about ‘fat people’.

Basically, Nadia Sawalha was grilling the opinionated talking-head about her various controversial viewpoints – including those on obesity.

When asked by Nadia what or whom she defined as fat, Katie replied: “Gemma Collins”.


Anyway, never one to be labelled as backwards in coming forwards, Gemma ‘I’m 34-years-old and I’ve earned my diva-ship’ Collins took to the Twitter-sphere to lay the smack down on The Hopkins, arguing that Katie must have some sort of romantic attachment to her:

“I swear Katie Hopkins fancies me !! Omg why does she keep going on about me she’s an actual bully keep bringing my name up !”

“Katie Hopkins fancies me ha ha ha ha ha the nutters obsessed watch her show she’s the one with issues in life she hates herself !”

And she didn’t stop there…

She also revealed how, despite the supposed bad blood that exists between the pair now, they used to get on well enough to pose for a picture – posting a snap of them both having  quite the ‘clinch’.

The sapphic sensationalism went further: “Ooo Katie Hopkins secretly must think of me Before she goes to bed #katielovesgemma #MyFatStory what a joke she was.”

Gemma also re-tweeted support from part-time budgie-smuggler enthusiast and full-time GC apologist Bobby Norris:


Somehow we don’t think Katie and Gemz are going to be going on a post-CBB gal’s holiday to Napa anytime soon.

P.S – If you love nothing more than a good old-fashioned celebrity feud, then why not have a gander at our slideshow of the BEST celebrity feuds ever. Honestly, it’s like Katie Hopkins giving Perez Hilton an oily foot-rub: you want to look away but you just CAN’T.

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