Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Jackson Gets A Police Warning And Apologises For Chloe Goodman Incident

Celebrity Big Brother’s Jeremy Jackson has publically apologised for the Chloe Goodman dressing gown incident as he has spoken about his removal from the famous house for the first time.

The 34-year-old was caught up in some major dramz after he drunkenly tugged on the reality star’s dressing gown, unknowing that she was naked underneath, consequently exposing her breast.

Despite the fact that Chloe has always maintained that he didn’t actually touch her, just pulled on her robe, the nation’s media appear to have turned the whole debacle into a ‘grope’ – which Jezza has insisted is not true.

Speaking to The Sun, the former Baywatch star shares: “It was a silly, childish, drunken joke. But I didn’t touch her skin or paw her.

“I was saying sorry as she left the bathroom but I’d still like to apologise properly and ask her to forgive me for hurting her feelings that night.”

Explaining his version of events, which to be fair, totally coincide with Chloe’s, Jeremy says: “I was sitting on the bathroom floor wiping vomit from my face, looking disgusting, when Chloe came in to check that I was okay.

“As she was helping me, she leaned over me and I pulled back the collar of her robe.

“I thought she had a bikini on underneath it but she didn’t.

“I didn’t see her full breast – all I was thinking was, ‘Which bikini do you have on and are you flirting with me?”

Acknowledging that his actions wouldn’t have caused any upset if the Ex On The Beach star was wearing a bikini top as he thought, the actor adds: “The situation could have gone a million different ways but things happened the way they did, feelings got hurt.

“It would be really easy to blame it all on the alcohol but I’m not that cheap.

“It’s my fault, I can’t blame anything but me.”

Well, at least Jeremy is being level-headed about it all, with the star also accepting a warning from Hertfordshire police, who investigated the incident.

The former housemate also revealed that he desperately wants to apologise personally to Chloe, saying: “I want to apologise to Chloe, I’m so sorry.

“I never meant to cause any heartache or distress. That was the last thing I wanted.

“I feel terrible – Chloe was just trying to help me when it happened, and if there was any way that I could make it up to her and we could be friends, then I would.”

And thankfully for Jeremy, it sounds like he will be getting his wish as Chloe has already said that she intends to meet up with him once she gets out of the house in a bid to clear the air.

Sounds to us like there are no hard feelings and Jeremy’s refusal to excuse his behaviour on alcohol or victim-blaming is definitely refreshing.

Considering he had no intention of exposing Chlo, and that he didn’t ‘grope’ her as other reports would lead you to believe, here’s hoping that both housemates are able to put the entire thing behind them.

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