Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Jackson REMOVED From House After Accidentally Exposing Chloe Goodman’s Boob

Well, it’s day three of Celebrity Big Brother and there’s already been more #dramz than in the entire summer series of the celeb show.

Channel 5 producers got viewers psyched for last night’s episode, dubbed so ‘dramatic’ and ‘explosive’ that it had to be pushed back to a later time of 10pm, and it did NOT disappoint.

The hour-long showdown concluded with Baywatch child star, Jeremy Jackson, being removed from the house, whilst 71-year-old actor, Ken Morley, got issued a formal warning for his frankly disgusting misogynistic behaviour.

Let’s start with Jezza, eh?

It all started when the 34-year-old had a lil too much to drink and was left vomming his guts up with his head down the toilet bowl on Friday night – We’ve ALL been there, right?

Concerned gal pals, Kirk Norcross’ ex, Cami Li, and Ex On The Beach star, Chloe Goodman, joined the poorly pup in the toilet, no doubt holding back his hair and rubbing his back the way that good friends do.

However, it all hit the fan when Cami left the bathroom, and moments later a clearly shocked and understandably upset Chlo came bursting out, clutching her dressing gown to her chest and exclaiming that Jeremy had pulled on her robe and revealed her breast. It’s important to point out here that he DID NOT touch or ‘grope’ her.

As there are no cameras in the toilet, viewers did not see how the actual incident unfolded, but after he had finished emptying his stomach, Jezza himself emerged from the room and confirmed that he did accidentally expose Chloe, after he took a break from vomming to tug on her robe, assuming that she had a top on underneath the dressing gown.

Which we reckon is actually quite a reasonable explanation.

After a while of blogger Perez Hilton shrieking that he “didn’t feel safe” being around the actor, and Calum Best sitting in his bed just trying to get some shuteye, Big Brother called Jeremy to the Diary Room where he explained himself further.

Asked if he thought that his behaviour was acceptable, the housemate replied: “When you say it like that it sounds disgusting – It wasn’t a lift of a robe.

“Yes. It’s not acceptable. And I made a mistake and I’m in boiling water over it.

“Believe it or not I’m just being silly. I’m too emotionally wounded to engage any relationship. I’m just not that guy.”

Jeremy was then told to sleep in a room completely isolated from the rest of his housemates before being called back into the Diary Room the next morning to be told that he was being removed from the house because of his actions.

When asked if he had anything to say, an emotional Jez  replied: “Besides apologising and insisting it was not a ‘ripping open’ or aggressive move, no there is nothing. I accept all ramifications.”

And that was that.

Needless to say, Chloe’s upset at the incident was totally understandable, after all, it is never acceptable to have anyone’s body exposed against their will, and if Jeremy INTENDED on revealing her breasts then yes, it would have been absolutely disgusting and unjustifiable behaviour… However, the entire thing was one drunken accident.

As Jeremy shared himself, it was not an aggressive move and he did not mean to reveal her body as he had assumed that she had something on underneath her dressing gown.

Heck, Loose Woman, Denise Welch didn’t get booted off the show when she deliberately pulled down Karissa Shannon’s trousers in full view of the cameras, aiming to expose Karissa’s bum, so why did Jeremy get kicked off for accidentally exposing Chloe in what was, quite frankly, an honest mistake?

Erin McCarthy

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