Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Jackson REMOVED In SHOCK EXIT After ‘Explosive Drama’

LOOK, CAN EVERYONE JUST CHILL OUT FOR FIVE FRIGGIN’ MINUTES PLEASE. It’s only Day 3 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and there’s already been more drama going on than at our great-aunt’s funeral – and that involved a small fire, a cat-fight AND a police helicopter.

Channel 5 confirmed this afternoon that bearded former-Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson has been REMOVED – yes, REMOVED – from the house, due to series of ‘explosive events’.

Seriously guys, someone’s already left the show?! What in the name of Emma Willis is going on in there?

Well, we’re unlikely to find out until later tonight – producers have had to push the show back in the schedules to 10pm because of all the craziness, and are remaining tight-lipped as to what actually went down.

In a statement issued to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, the team behind the show said:

‘Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother has moved to the later time of 10pm on Channel 5.
This episode features explosive drama between the housemates and includes an incident that results in Jeremy Jackson being removed from the house.’

Err.. vague, much?!

Meanwhile, Bit On The Side presenter Rylan Clark tweeted the following:

Cryptic eh? Guess we’ll all just have to delay getting sloshed down at Yates’ for an hour, just so we can find out what happened.

More to follow on this one, chumps – stay tuned.

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