Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Jackson’s Ex-Wife Urges Chloe Goodman To Press Charges, Claiming He Attacked Her Too

Celebrity Big Brother got off to an explosive start last week, with former Baywatch star, Jeremy Jackson, being removed from the house on day three after an incident involving Chloe Goodman, a dressing gown, a lot of alcohol, and an exposed boob.

Whilst the majority of viewers seem to feel that Big Bro overreacted to Jeremy accidentally exposing Chloe because he genuinely believed that she had a top on underneath her robe, his ex-wife, Loni Willison, has come forward to urge the Ex On The Beach star to go to the police

Hmm, looks like this is one split that wasn’t exactly amicable.

It’s unknown whether Loni has actually seen the episode in question or if she is just jumping on the negative hype surrounding her ex at the mo, but she is now accusing the troubled actor of strangling her last August.

The 31-year-old has revealed that she suffered neck injuries, two broken ribs, and scratches to her face after an alleged altercation with the 34-year-old, and telling The Sun: “Chloe should report Jeremy to the police for his own good.

“I didn’t when he attacked me because I was scared. I was in a bad place emotionally and didn’t want Jeremy to go to jail.”

If these accusations are true, you can’t deny that it is absolutely shocking and many viewers have already slammed Channel 5 producers for letting Jeremy, who has a history of erratic behaviour, into the most famous house in the country in the first place.

A sentiment that Loni whole-heartedly agrees with, adding: “It’s irresponsible of the producers to let him on there and give him alcohol with his history of addiction problems.

“Something like this was bound to happen.”

Hertfordshire police have since confirmed that they are investigating the incident, saying in a statement: “We were made aware of an alleged incident that took place in the Big Brother house in Borehamwood in the early hours of Saturday January 10th.

“We are currently working with the program’s producers as part of our enquiries. It would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time.”

However, taking into account Chloe’s reaction to the night’s events after a good night’s sleep, we doubt that she will be taking Loni’s advice and pressing charges over dressing-gown-gate.

Speaking to Big Brother, the reality star said: “I don’t think he did it on purpose or did it maliciously… It’s just something that has never happened to me before.

“I don’t want it to look like I purposefully tried to get him out the house.”

She then added that she will be meeting up with Jeremy once she gets out of the house in a bid to clear the air, which proves to us that there are no hard feelings.

Jeremy was spotted looking downcast as he left the UK for America yesterday afternoon, he is yet to comment publically about the incident, but when asked by Big Brother before he left the house if he had anything to say, an emotional Jez  replied:

“Besides apologising and insisting it was not a ‘ripping open’ or aggressive move, no there is nothing. I accept all ramifications.”

Meanwhile, Ken Morley, who has made too many racist, sexist, and frankly disgusting comments to count, remains in the show with just a formal warning from Channel 5 bosses.

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