Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Kyle Discusses Entering The House At The NTAs

No matter how much drama Celebrity Big Brother gives us, viewers always want more, and ever since Katie Price entered the house last week, the rumour mill has been going into overdrive with the suggestion that Jeremy Kyle might also be heading in.

However, talking on the red carpet at last night’s national Television Awards, Jezza appeared to scoff at the idea that he’s planning a surprise appearance on the show, BUT he didn’t exactly deny it….

Speaking to The Mirror, the chat show host said of the rumours: “Imagine that! People keep asking me and I just keep saying, ‘Imagine that!’

“People are betting on me, the bookies have me at 4/1 to go in.”

We have been imagining that, Jez, and we have concluded that it would be ruddy fantastic, so at least consider it, yeah?

The 49-year-old went on to reveal that he is backing rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins to win the show, adding: “I’ve watched a bit of it.

“I like Katie Hopkins, a woman with an opinion, Katie Hopkins for me all the way.

“Katie Price hasn’t opened up as much as they said she would yet but I think she will in time.”

Erm, she’s literally discussed putting on a strap-on sex toy to bonk Alex Reid, we don’t think that we want her to open up any more than that, thanks.

Even though he hasn’t quite denied it, we have to admit that it is looking less and less likely that Jeremy will be leaving behind the real world for a couple of weeks in Channel 5 bedlam.

Which is a shame really, because with Kavana on the rampage it looks as though poor ol’ Keith Chegwin could do with some consoling.

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