Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy Kyle Is Getting Ready To Enter The House?

Rumour has it that tension in Celebrity Big Brother is getting so bad that bosses are thinking of bringing out the big guns, and putting the one and only Jeremy Kyle into the house.


Although there probably isn’t enough money in the world to coax a majority of celebs into that cray-cray house, 49-year-old Jezza would probably feel right at home among the screaming, crying, and sexual escapades of CBB Class of 2015.

We can already see him screaming: “YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT SOMETHING ON THE END OF IT” when Perez Hilton announces that the bedroom window he dry-humped in Friday night’s show is preggers.

Word on the grapevine is that Channel 5 bosses are hoping that Jeremy will be the perfect replacement for Alexander O’Neal, who walked from the show on Saturday after being pushed too to far by eccentric US blogger, Perez.

The number of male housemates appear to be dwindling by the day, with Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley being removed from the house less than a week after they entered, leaving Calum Best, Kavana, Perez, and Keith Chegwin with seven lovely ladies.

Although Big Brother haven’t confirmed any plans for a new housemate, they might need to start seriously consider having a whole load of celebs lined up, with the current lot dropping like flies and showing no signs of stopping.

Two evictions have already been canceled thanks to the house shenanigans, and word on the street is that Katie Price and Perez are also at risk of walking.

Katie may have only been in the house for five minutes, but she raised alarm bells with producers by telling the house that she was suffering from a botched boob job and was skipping vital surgery for the £500K fee she is earning by taking part in the show.

To be fair, we think we’d all skip a hospital visit for that much dolla too.

Meanwhile, Perez appears to be in a constant state of distress after rubbing his housemates up the wrong way and isolating himself from the majority.

The father-of-one has already demanded to call his lawyers after Katie Hopkins threatened to poison his water, and has said about a squillion times that he seriously wants to leave.

It sounds to us like Jeremy Kyle really is the show’s last resort if they want to keep the peace, here’s hoping that the rumours are true and Jezza will be kicking the housemates into gear before we know it.

Although, to be fair, we really would miss all of the drama.

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