Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins ATTACKS Katie Price’s Win – "It Was A Complete Con"

Katie Hopkins was back to her usual pre-Celebrity Big Brother 2015 routine of kicking up an almighty fuss and attracting controversy left right and centre last night – hinting that Katie Price didn’t deserve to win this year’s series as she had been too ‘boring’.

Oh dear, Katie. Could you not at least have TRIED to be a bit of a gracious runner-up?

Having a good-old chin wag with the housewives favourite, Rylan Clark, The Hopkins launched into a long-winded, no-holds-barred attack on The Pricey, and how she’d basically done bugger-all in the house – calling her win “a load of tosh”.

And whilst we appreciate the return to use of middle-class insults like ‘tosh’, we can’t help but feel Katie was maybe a TAD harsh on Katie P:

“She didn’t stand up for anything, all she did was complain and talk about poo and that’s not good enough.”

“Katie [Price] isn’t a winner in any sense of the word, I’ve no idea why the public voted for her.”

Might it MAYBE have had something to do with the fact that she had a pop at Katie Hopkins once or twice?

Either way, The Pricey was very much ‘AM I BOVVERED’ about the whole situation – telling Rylan during her interview on ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ that if SHE had come second place, she wouldn’t have been such a sore loser “unlike some people”, and that “It just goes to show why the British public voted for me and not her.”

Throw that shade Pricey, throw it far and wide.

Hopkins didn’t just have a pop at The Pricey in her post-exit interview –as attention quickly turned to her arch-nemesis Perez Hilton, whom Hopkins compared to thrush.

And no, we don’t mean the small bird.

When asked what it was like living with the attention-shy housemate, Katie said: “It’s like having thrush, except there’s no pill for it and no cream. It’s irritating everyday. There’s no scratch you can itch, there’s no way you can cure it.”

Well, you can’t say the woman doesn’t have a way with words, can you?

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