Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins Bans Katie Price From Her Inner Circle

This series of Celebrity Big Brother has transported us back to the petty primary school playground more times than any other series of the show, with the constant ostracisation of a select few housemates and the whole ‘You can’t be his friend if you want to be our friend’ mentality being exhausting to watch, to say the least.

However, last night saw CBB’s very own Regina George, Katie Hopkins, momentarily turn her sights away from Perez Hilton and Keith Chegwin, to former glamour model, Katie Price who, apparently, will never be a part of her inner circle.

We’re sure KP was up all night crying over that one…

Unhappy with her house BFF, Michelle Visage, aligning herself to the Pricey, the former Apprentice star vented: “She [Katie] is not part of my group.

“She and I are not meant for this level of tolerance of one another.”

The 39-year-old also appears to have taken issue with the fact that the mum-of-five joined the show later than the rest of them, and that she doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings, ranting to Michelle: “She just hasn’t done the time.

“I know in no way is that anything to do with her. She can’t change coming in here later than the rest of us.

“But when she did come in here, she came in without any balls whatsoever and that just doesn’t cut it with me.”

Can somebody please tell Katie H that not wanting to sit around and slag people off all day doesn’t equate to having “no balls”?


At least Cheggers and Pricey have eachother, eh?

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