Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins’ Husband Says He Is The Only Person NOT Scared Of Her

Before Celebrity Big Brother came about, Katie Hopkins was viewed as this terrifying rent-a-gob who would eat you alive, only to complain about the weight gain.

However, since appearing on the show we’ve been stunned to find that the former Apprentice star has a rather alarming weakness, which comes in the form of compliments.

Despite this, her husband of four years, Mark Cross, reckons that he is the only person in the United Kingdom who ISN’T scared of the star.

Speaking to The Sun, the man who once got papped bonking Katie in a field explained: “She terrifies everyone except for me.

“Every time Katie meets someone new you can see in their eyes they are scared of her. It happens all the time.”

In fact, Mark was so certain that he’d face a backlash for his wife’s comments when she first went into the show, that he watched it from “behind the sofa”.

Talk about drastic measures.

Referencing Katie’s softer side, Mark thinks that winning the show would mean the world to the motormouth, adding: “She would be really heartened by it if she did end up winning.

“It would be great for her to say, ‘ I might be the most hated woman in Britain, but deep down, people do at least respect me’.”

Gosh, the 39-year-old crumbles at a compliment – we dread to see what kind of waterworks we’d be in for if she went ahead and won the bloomin’ thing….

But considering she is currently bookies’ fave to steal the top prize, we might need to start preparing ourselves.

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