Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins In Trouble With Disability Charity After ‘Offensive Comments’

It never rains but it pours with this one, AMIRITE PEOPLE? She’s only been in the Gumtree-furnished prison – AKA the Celebrity Big Brother house – for a matter of days, and she’s already causing sheer bleeding pandemonium all over the place. We are of course talking about none other than rural love-making enthusiast, Katie Hopkins.

“What’s she gone and done THIS time?!”, we hear you exclaim with fury, almost knocking your ¼ full bottle of Blue Nun over in the process.

Well, aside from offending Gemma Collins last night, Katie is now the subject of scorn from a well-known disability charity, after using a pretty offensive term to describe a celebrity housemate.

After labelling them ‘a spacker’ – which is a well-dodgy and pretty rude term used to describe people with disabilities or learning difficulties – a spokesperson for PACE, a charity which helps children with disabilities, called Katie’s comments “offensive and insulting” – so says The Daily Star.

Yeah, maybe think before you open your mouth next time, eh Katie?

And now Ofcom – those boys and girls who tell people off when they broadcast naughty things – have received over FIFTY complaints about it. But then again, that’s probably small-fry for The Hopkins, right?

And despite being ‘The Most Hated Woman In Britain’, Katie’s now a front-runner to win the
entire show.

The mind boggles, people.

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