Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price And Perez Hilton To QUIT The Show?

According to latest reports, Katie Price and Perez Hilton are almost ready to walk from the Celebrity Big Brother house, which makes us wonder if they should just ditch evictions all together and turn this series of Big Bro into a celebrity endurance test.

They’re already four housemates down and it’s not even been two bloomin’ weeks!

Katie’s botched boob job is apparently what is making her reconsider her decision to enter the house, with the 36-year-old missing important surgery to fix her boobs in order to rake in £500K for being in the show.

The mum-of-five admitted on her first night that she was struggling with pain in her arms and chest from going under the knife for the seventh time back in November, telling her shocked housemates: “I’ve got no t*ts anymore.

“They’ve gone, there’s not even anything there. If you saw what I’m like underneath, the scar’s gone septic.

“My whole implant was hanging out on New Year’s Day, they were going to take them out on Monday, that’s how bad it is under there, but I came in here instead.”

She then proceeded to give Cami Li a sneaky peek at the scarring, making the alternative model actually *squeal* in horror.

Erm…. Is it wrong that we kind of want to see it for ourselves?

Word on the street is that following her on-air confession, producers are now concerned for Katie’s wellbeing, with a source telling The Daily Star: “Kate’s boobs are a big worry – they could end up the reason we see her walking too.

“We can’t possibly lose any more celebrities, Perez has been threatening to go too – we’re cursed.”

And we are starting to agree with them; Katie would be the second housemate to walk after Alexander O’Neal had enough of Perez Hilton and requested to leave on Saturday, and prior to THAT both Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley were removed from the house following unacceptable behaviour and language.

Chloe Goodman was the first housemate to be evicted from the show on Friday, before Katie Price joined in order to make up for their shortage.

Alongside Katie’s boobs, Perez has been threatening to walk after rubbing the majority of his housemates up the wrong way by being… Well… Seriously annoying.

After a series of arguments, the tension in the house appears to be at an all time high, with Katie Hopkins breaking the head off of Perez’s favourite rabbit statue, and threatening to poison his water.

Why didn’t she get a formal warning for that one, eh?

All in all, we reckon that the Pricey is a tough gal, and she won’t let her boobs get in the way of potentially winning the show, with Perez also being unlikely to leave considering he is absolutely hellbent on winning.

Good luck with that one, babes.

However, will more housemates walk at the cost of Perez Hilton staying? That’s obviously a risk that Big Brother are willing to take…

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