Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price Could ‘Pierce’ Her Boobs With Her Finger

Ah Katie Price, after a few days of silence in the Celebrity Big Brother house, she is back… And with a rather vomtastic bang

Opening up about her botched seventh boob job, which she has previously revealed left her implant “hanging out”, the former glamour model explained to her stunned housemates the true damage caused by the surgery.

Revealing that her chest was seriously weak, Katie shared: “The only way I can describe it is say you’re sewn up.

“The problem was that it was so weak that if I pushed any area, I could pierce my finger though.

“It was paper thin.”


The mum-of-five’s tale then inspired Keith Chegwin to gross the rest of the contestants out with his own ailment of yesteryear, revealing that he had once had a hole in his bum thanks to an ingrown hair.

Erm, cheers Cheggers – we really needed to know about that.

On her first night in the house, Katie reportedly left Big Bro producers worried when she told her housemates that she’d skipped vital surgery to fix her boobs in order to enter the famous house.

Admitting that she was still struggling from pain in her arm and chest after going under the knife for the seventh time in November, the Pricey dished: “I’ve got no t*ts anymore.

“They’ve gone, there’s not even anything there. If you saw what I’m like underneath, the scar’s gone septic.

“My whole implant was hanging out on New Year’s Day, they were going to take them out on Monday, that’s how bad it is under there, but I came in here instead.”

She then proceeded to give Cami Li a sneaky peek at the scarring, making the alternative model actually *squeal* in horror.

Well, with just nine days to go until the grand final, here’s hoping that Katie’s septic, paper-thin boob can go the distance.

Because we really don’t think we could stomach her chest falling apart on national telly…

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