Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price Fights Back After Katie Hopkins’ ‘Fat Kid’ Jibes

In her post-exit interview last night, Celebrity Big Brother 2015 winner Katie Price hit back at runner-up Katie Hopkins‘ comments about overweight children, admitting that she’d gone ‘full circle’ in her opinion on the loud-mouth housemate.

Speaking to Emma Willis after winning the headline-grabbing show, Katie said that her medication meant that she didn’t rise to Hopkins’ less-than-kind comments about overweight kids, but that she would’ve done – because she has one.

Defending her son Harvey, who Price said was “big for a reason”, the former glamour model took issue with Hopkins’ comment that ‘it’s ironic that a fat kid chokes on lettuce’.


Katie revealed that her medication for her recent breast operation had left her feeling a bit out of sorts, and that it hampered her ability to react to certain arguments:

“If it’s anything about my family then I’m going to react. I think I’ve spoken up when I needed to…I’m still me, but there’s arguments and stuff, for example when Kate said ‘it’s ironic that a fat kid chokes on lettuce’.”

Upon leaving, Pricey admitted that the painkillers she was on had left her feeling ‘boring’.

Well, you certainly weren’t boring when you were talking about shoving god-knows-what up Alex Reid’s bum, eh Katie?

But despite getting all in a tizz about The Hopkins in the past few days, the reality-show veteran hinted that she didn’t COMPLETELY despise her nemesis, saying that she liked her ‘soft side’:

“I’ve seen she’s got a real soft side, but she has got another side. I like the soft side.”

Well that’s nice isn’t it? Perhaps we can all try and get along now, eh ladies?

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