Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price Rushed To Belgium For Surgery Hours After Winning

It has been reported that just hours after being crowned the winner of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, Katie Price hopped onto a plane to Belgium to get her botched boob job sorted out once and for all.

The former glamour model was said to be in complete agony while inside the house, and even had to seek medical attention on Friday, before the grand finale, after the infection started to smell.


Wasting no more time, the mum-of-five has left the UK for emergency surgery on her boobs, going back to Belgium where she originally had the reduction last year.

A source told The Sun: “Katie is not well at all and needs immediate medical attention.

“She has flown out to Belgium so that she can get the help she needs from surgeons.”

Housemate nemesis, Katie Hopkins, appeared to confirm that the 36-year-old had left the UK by tweeting: “Pricey bored the tits off me in #CBB. Today, she had her dodgy ones removed by the surgeon.

“Is that karma?”

Nice to see that the house hasn’t changed the rent-a-gob in the slightest, ain’t it?

The former Apprentice star had previously ranted about CBB’s winner: “She’s used to turning up, being Katie Price then going home and being this person and it turns out this person is just thick, not that funny and obsessed by her boobs still, has her priorities all sorts of wrong places and doesn’t know much English.”

Not that she’s bitter or anything….

Katie Price has been very open about her dodgy boobs throughout her time in the house, telling her stunned fellow contestants that her implant was “hanging out” on her very first night, even treating Cami Li to a glimpse.

More recently, the star explained the true damage caused by her seventh boob job to her housemates, sharing: “The only way I can describe it is say you’re sewn up.

“The problem was that it was so weak that if I pushed any area, I could pierce my finger though.

“It was paper thin.”


Get well soon, Katie – Here’s hoping that the surgeon can fix those boobs of yours PRONTO.

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