Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price WINS As Katie Hopkins Is Voted Runner Up

Katie Price has only gone and won Celebrity Big Brother 2015- and to be quite honest, we’re all still a little bit in shock about it.

Beating off (should we rephrase that?) her one-time pal but now full-time nemesis Katie Hopkins, The Pricey stormed to victory in last night’s final, and seemed pretty shocked about the whole darn situation.

As a jubilant Emma Willis informed Katie that she’d only gone and won the entire show, the former glamour-model and equine enthusiast broke down in tears of disbelief saying, “Oh my god, I haven’t… how… how have I done it?”

Well Katie, mainly through having a pop at Katie Hopkins and talking about stuffing your ex-husband’s bum with all manner of household objects.

During her interview with Emma, the Pricey claimed that she avoided arguments where possible, and defended herself against claims that she had been a bit of a bore:

“It was a crazy house and I can’t believe I’ve been in there three weeks… it’s not my fault I went in late. I’m still me, but if there’s arguments and stuff, normally I’d be ‘don’t take the piss out of fat kids’. I just didn’t have the energy to argue with it.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price WINS As Katie Hopkins Is Voted Runner Up
By MazSight

Coming second last night was the new Nation’s Sweetheart, Katie Hopkins – who seemed completely amazed that she’d made it to the final two.

Like seriously, if you had to us 3 months ago that Katie Hopkins would become one of the most well-liked people in the country we’d have told you to get your head examined.

Of course, despite coming second, the notorious loudmouth as subjected to a mixture of boos and ‘whoops’ upon her exit, but seemed predictably unfazed, telling Emma: “I am a tough old bird. I wear big old boots. I’m used to the boos.”

In third place it was hair-transplant fanCalum Best, who seemed pretty chuffed to have  received a rapturous response from the Elstree audience:

“I’m thrilled to bits with that, but I’m absolutely exhausted, it’s such a cool thing I’ll never forget!”

Aww, that’s nice isn’t it?

Keith Chegwin came fourth (and had a little cry – bless), with eyeliner super-fan Michelle Visage coming in fifth.

Michelle, who’s readily admitted that she’s a massive Celebrity Big Brother fan, said she was ‘humbled’ to have made the final five, saying it was a “huge coup”.


And there you have it! What a night, eh boys and girls. One question remains though – what on EARTH are we going to do with our evenings now?!

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