Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price’s Brother Reckons She’d KILL Jane Pountney If She Went In

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother appears to be surrounded by more rumours than usual, with it being revealed yesterday that producers are apparently gearing up to put Katie Price’s arch enemy, Jane Pountney, into the house.

However, if this particular rumour is true then they might want to call in some extra security, as Katie’s brother, Danny Price, reckons that if Jane does step foot in the famous house then his sis might actually kill her.

Ooer, we’re imagining Big Brother 5′s Fight Night but on a whole new level.

Thankfully for Jane, Dan added that he’s pretty sure she won’t be entering anyways…. Which we have to admit, is a little bit disappointing.

We don’t want any murder on our screens or anything like that, but it would just be nice to get a look at the famous Jane, wouldn’t it?

Danny, who has been looking after the mum-of-five’s twitter account since she entered the show, wrote to Katie’s legions of fans: “Certain paper thinks Jane is entering #cbb house – this won’t happen, but if it did – she may well enter, but she probably wouldn’t leave…”

Eek, they do say to never underestimate the Pricey.

In case you are one of the rare few people in the universe who are blissfully unaware of Katie Price’s lurve live, Jane is her former BFF who embarked on a ten month affair with Katie’s husband, Kieran Hayler, whilst the former glamour model was pregnant.


Despite the fact you’d probs expect Jane to steer clear from Katie for the rest of her life, bookies slashed the odds on her entering the house from 20/1 to just 5/4.

(Now we’re not very good at ratios, but that seems like pretty favourable odds to us, right?)

A source told the Daily Star: “Kate would have a fit if Jane was added to the mix.”

“We’re talking an all-out cat fight – there is no way Kate would be able to hold it together.”

Speaking about the odds, Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes told the paper that: “Punters would love to see the showdown between Katie and Jane.

“It would be TV gold and the odds suggest it’s only a matter of time before we see the two women tearing each others hair extensions out.”

Sounds to us like if Jane has any sense, she’d probs opt out of having her hair extensions pulled out on national telly, and if Katie’s brother is to be believed that is probably for the best.

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