Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin Didn’t Have To Get Naked To Present ‘Naked Jungle’ – EXCLUSIVE

If you cast your mind back to the year 2000, you might have a repressed memory of Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Keith Chegwin, stripping off to present one-off TV gameshow ‘Naked Jungle’ totally nude.

And if you can’t remember that, then all we have to say is: LUCKY YOU.

The show’s contestants were uncensored nudists, with Cheggers also hosting the show in the buff, but as it happens he didn’t actually have to be naked to land the job at all – in fact, the 58-year-old opted to strip down to his birthday suit on national telly.

What a hero, eh?

The man with all of the goss is Stephen Mulhern, host of brand new gameshow, Reality Bites, who just so happens to be the oracle of all things reality TV.

Speaking with Reality Bites team captains, Emma Willis and Joel Dommett, Stephen revealed exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity: “‘Naked Jungle’ was pretty extreme for the UK.

“Cheggers wasn’t actually meant to be naked, it was a kids TV set from Jungle Run and the producer phoned Keith Chegwin’s agent and said, ‘Look, we’re doing this thing, it’s in a jungle.

“‘It would be a bonus if he could be naked, but he’s not going to do that,’ and his agent was like ‘No, I’m sure he will,’ and that’s how it all came about.”

Whoever said you learn something new every day definitely had a point.

Obviously Stephen is totally up to speed with his reality TV knowledge, and as host of both Big Brother and The Voice, Emma can definitely give opponent Joel a run for his money in the team captain stakes, so does he reckon she has an unfair advantage?

Well, apparently not.

The comedian joked: “I like to think that my life is like a reality show and I’m presenting the aftershow. Constantly.

“I watch a lot of reality TV, I’m a fan of it, and a big fan of Emma and Stephen’s work.”

Emma added: “AND we need somebody who is funny, he is a comedian – We can’t just get by with Stephen’s looks!”

Well, you’re not exactly hard on the eye either, Em. #GirlCrush

Reality Bites Starts On Thursday 5th February, 10.30pm, on ITV2.

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