Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Ken Morley Up For Eviction In Surprise Live Nominations

So Celebrity Big Brother 2015 seems to be rather good this year, doesn’t it? Last night we were treated to the highlights from Day One in the house, as well as getting to watch some **LIVE** nominations unfold. Channel 5 really know how to treat us don’t they?

Anyway, the most important thing you need to know about what-a-gwan in the house is that bespectacled former-Coronation Street actor Ken Morley has become the third housemate to face the chop, after his fellow celebrities nominated him to go up against Alexander O’Neal and Chloe Goodman and face the public vote after a ‘surprise’ live nomination last night.

And despite telling everyone that ‘he really wants to go home’, he seemed pretty fuming after his name came up again and again, ending up having a proper pop atPatsy Kensit after she too nominated him for eviction. Patsy argued that Ken should go because of some weird thing that happened in the bathroom on Friday morning, which Ken took offence to, saying she “wasn’t there”.

Unfortunately, poor old Ken’s memory seemed to have failed him a tad, as everyone else pointed that Patsy WAS in fact there, Ken stopped with the aggro, but didn’t apologise for having a go.

Seriously, what on earth happened in that bathroom!?

All in all, Ken received eight votes after Michelle Visage, Patsy, Calum Best, Cami Li, Perez Hilton, Kavana (sorry, KAV) and Chloe all put him up.

Meanwhile, Satan’s representative on earth, Katie Hopkins, only received one nomination – from Nadia Sawalha – perhaps because she’s been forced to reign in her bluntness because of the ‘kindness curse’ Big Brother imposed on her. The curse (which thankfully for Katie has now been lifted) meant that she had to spend her time being proper nice to everyone – including having to give a foot-rub (with oil, ewww) to none other than Perez Hilton.

For the first time in our lives, we actually felt a bit of sympathy for the Hopkins – and then we pulled ourselves together and remembered all the various ‘This Morning’ appearances from the past three years.

Remember to tune in to Channel 5 tonight, for all the inevitable ‘fall-out’ from last night’s shenanigans.

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