Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Lindsay Lohan’s Mum Dina Set To Enter The House?

Although we might still have a small case of the three-month-long civilian series of Big Brother to get through before the much-anticipated celebrity edition, it hasn’t slowed down the rumour mill.

Word on the street is that for once, Lindsay Lohan isn’t a hotly tipped favourite to be entering the famous house, however, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Channel 5 are apparently desperate to bag Linds’ mum, Dina, as a housemate instead.


According to new sources, Perez Hilton’s constant fighting during January’s high-stress but highly successful series of the show has inspired producers to pit the British stars against American celebs in the hope of creating even more dramz.

Eek, we really don’t think that our blood pressure can take any more screaming and swearing…

With Lindsay currently living in London following a stint in the West End production of Speed-The-Plow, bosses are optimistic that they’ll be able to entice Dina across the pond to take part in the reality show, with the original momager set to be some guaranteed, quality entertainment.

Despite the fact that we’re pretty excited about getting all the goss about Dina’s child-star daughter, Lindsay is understandably less than impressed by the suggestion, with TMZ reporting that she “flipped out and began screaming at her mum, saying she had no right to come to England”, when she found out that she’d been offered a spot on the show.

The 52-year-old New Yorker is known for having a strained relationship with Lindsay after she split from the troubled actress’ dad and both parties were accused of cashing in on their daughter’s fame rather than encouraging her to step back from the spotlight.

Another highly controversial US star rumoured to be joining Dina in the Big Brother house is ex-model and TV gold Janice Dickenson, who has reportedly been offered a whopping £300,000 for a maximum three-week stint.

How bloomin’ great would that be?

All that’s left to say is that if being excited for CBB Class of 2015 is wrong, then we most definitely don’t want to be right…

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