Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Louis Tomlinson: ‘Perez Hilton Needs To Be In A Mental Institution’

We love nothing more than when One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is on a break and decides to live tweet our favourite shows; it started with The X Factor, and now even he can’t resist the Celebrity Big Brother dramz.

Having previously admitted that he was “really enjoying” Katie Hopkins in the show, and found Kirk Norcross’ ex Cami Li “hilarious”, Louis got more involved than ever during last night’s live eviction, with some of the comments coming from his Twitter account raising a few eyebrows with fans.

It all started with that seriously explosive row in the bedroom, where Cami told poor old Alica Douvall that US blogger, Perez Hilton, was only friends with her so that he could manipulate her.

Way harsh, right?

When Nadia Sawalha leapt to Alicia’s defense, 23-year-old Louis tweets kicked off, with the star writing: “Nadia go to sleep and shut up love!! All this mummy bull sh*t is boring ! #CBB”

Ooooooooh, he certainly had his sassy hat on.

However, it was the next tweet that touched a few nerves….

After the most uncomfortable and slightly disturbing segment in Celebrity Big Brother history, which saw father-of-one Perez running around in just his underwear as he simulated sex with garden furniture – vomtastic noises an’ all -, Louis wrote:

“As soon as Perez leaves the big brother house they need to put him in a mental institution and throw away the key !! Poor guys lost the plot.”

Quickly followed by: “Defo addicted to CBB though haha !”

Whilst the majority of fans laughed off the comment, many were left upset by the tweet dismissing something as serious as mental illness as a ‘joke’:

It’s unclear whether Louis noticed the upset that his Twitter account had caused, but he did then keep schtum until Katie Price’s grand entrance into the house, where he tweeted a simple but effective photo of Perez with Katie and Peter Andre from absolutely yonks ago, with the caption: “Happy families haha !!”

Which leaves us to ask just one thing: If Louis is clearly such a humongous fan of the show, what do we have to do to get him in there as a housemate?

Or at the very least a guest on Bit On The Side?

….. Rylan, the ball is in your court.

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