Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Martine McCutcheon DENIES She’s Entering The House

With Celebrity Big Brother 2015 set for launch next Wednesday (LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY EVERYONE), the line-up rumour mill was kicked into another gear yesterday when Martine McCutcheon‘s name joined the long list of reported soon-to-be housemates.

However, the rumours lasted less than a day before Martine took to Twitter herself to deny any involvement in this year’s creepy house. BOO.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Martine McCutcheon DENIES She's Entering The House
By MazSight

Can we just have the official line-up now please?! All these rumours are causing havoc in our brains.

Rumours about the 38-year-old’s appearance in the ever-controversial new series started circulating over the weekend, after supposed insiders (hmmm) reported that the actress was ‘in talks’ to appear on the Channel 5 extravanganza.

Bookmakers even started taking bets on her to WIN at odds of 12/1, despite the fact that the series HASN’T EVEN STARTED.

Someone needs to get some chill.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Martine McCutcheon DENIES She's Entering The House
By MazSight

A spokesperson for William Hill said: “Martine gets plenty of airtime over Christmas [thanks to her role in Love Actually] and I for one would love to see her in the house.”

Well, we’re sorry to say this mate, but Martine has now taken to Twitter to deny that she’ll be going anywhere near the twisted fairytale-themed house, telling her followers: “I am Definitely not going in to celebrity big brother…”

As gutted as we are, it’s hardly surprising considering that the actress is a whole eight months pregnant.


Pretty sure the CBB house wouldn’t be the best place to give birth to your little one if we’re honest. Especially if we cast our minds back to last January’s chaotic affair… Yep.

CBB is already suffering a minor panic attack after celebs have already started dropping like flies before the show’s even begun!

According to reports, stars were originally told by Channel 5 bosses that their stay in the house would end on January 30th 2015 (unless they got voted out, obviously), but were last week told that TV chiefs had moved it on until February 6th.

Great for all of us wanting another week of celebs going a little stir crazy, not so great for any work they’d signed up for after the house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Martine McCutcheon DENIES She's Entering The House
By MazSight

The 12 celebs lined-up have reportedly signed a contract to finish at the end of January, but some have, understandably, got other work in the pipeline for the beginning of February, which they wouldn’t be able to do if they were still in the house.

Unless of course they quit or we voted them out because they were a bit dull.

Their agents have, therefore, told Channel 5 that they’ll now be unable to participate in the show at all, leaving the producers in a bit of a pickle over who’ll fill the gaps.


Errrrr, are we going to have to enter the house at this rate?!

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