Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Michelle Visage Has ‘Fangirled’ Over Katie Price For YEARS

Michelle Visage may manage to keep things cool, calm and collected most of the time, but one Celebrity Big Brother experience that she won’t ever be able to get over is Katie Price’s surprise entrance, because she is the Pricey’s BIGGEST fan.

No really, she’s a teeny, tiny bit obsessed with the former glamour model, hence her very high-pitched squeal of “Oh my God, it’s Katie Price” when the 36-year-old first walked through the doors on Friday night.

Living with her idol must make having to live with Perez Hilton ever so slightly worth it, eh?

Speaking to Heat magazine, Michelle’s husband, David, revealed all about his famous wife, saying: “Michelle’s a total Anglophile.

“She loves TV like Geordie Shore – I’m amazed she’s not practiced her newcastle accent in the house yet – she’s really good at it.

“She will be so happy that Katie Price is in the house – she’s her biggest fan!

“For years, she’s fangirled over her – this is Michelle’s dream.”

And it isn’t just Katie Price that Michelle is up to speed with, with David also dishing that the reality TV judge is an avid Big Bro viewer, and knows exactly what she is doing inside the house: “She’s been watching Big Brother for years, she wouldn’t miss an episode.

“She would FaceTime her friend who lives in Ireland and they’d watch on the iPad – I’m assuming she’s been taking notes.”

And David reckons for that reason, Michelle might just have a game plan, adding: “There’s no doubt she’s been playing the game so well because she’s been watching for so long.

“I think her plan is probably to get close to Katie Hopkins, they were laughing together and I thought, ‘Someone has put a spell on my wife, because that does not seem like her’.”

Interesting… Interesting…

David also shared that the fabulous Michelle wasn’t always as confident and sassy as she is today, in fact, she had a pretty rubbish time before she got her boob job.

The 46-year-old said: “Michelle would say, growing up, she felt no boys liked her. She may have felt like she wasn’t the most beautiful.

“She wanted to have some kind of curves going on – curves lead to confidence – and her implants helped with that.

“But she was born a star, there’s no doubt about that.”

Well that is something we can certainly agree with, and considering getting breast implants was such a pivotal point in Ms. Visage’s life, it seems like a no-brainer as to why she is so obsessed with boob job enthusiast Katie Price.

But to be entirely honest… Who isn’t?

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