Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Michelle Visage Mentions Her ‘Penis’, Fans Wonder If She’s A Man

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 appears to be throwing us curveballs left, right, and centre, but one thing that we weren’t exactly prepared for was fans to be asking if housemate Michelle Visage was actually a man.

No seriously, they have been asking this.

It all started during last night’s conversation between Michelle, Katie Hopkins, and Alicia Douvall, where Alicia was explaining how she’d rather “be dead than not have tits”, only for Michelle to say that “femininity comes from the inside”.

Which was a perfectly poetic and relevant comment to make, but then Michelle confused viewers by going on to reference her “penis”.

After Ms. Hopkins countered Alicia’s ‘femininity’ comments by saying that she felt most womanly in a powerful suit, sassy Michelle quipped: “I associate my penis with being a woman.”

And that was the end of the conversation, because OBVIOUSLY she is referencing a metaphorical penis in a totally ironic and brilliant way.

The thing is, some people didn’t quite get that and consequently took to Twitter to vent their confusion:

Lauren Davis

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