Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Nadia Sawalha Gets EVICTED

Nadia Sawalha became the FOURTH housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

Disaster, right? Who’s Perez going to try and corrupt now? KAVANA?!

The Loose Women ingénue remained defiant over her friendship with the famously quiet and attention-shy celebrity blogger, despite admitting that it was her friendship with Perez which led her to become booted out of the house in the first place.

Speaking to Emma Willis after her departure from the glorified warehouse in Borehamwood, Nadia said. “My problem was in the house that I’ve befriended someone”, before describing her time there  as “horrendous”.

So… is that your friendship with Perez or just the whole experience, Nads?

Anyway, don’t feel that sorry for Nadia, she’s actually REALLY COOL with being evicted (aren’t they always?), and despite being greeted with a chorus of boos , the like of which are usually reserved for a trial at The Hague, the 50-year-old Masterchef winner seemed confident enough about herself to not let it affect her:

“I know I’m a very likable, lovable person – I have been my whole life.”

Well, er, good for you then.

Nadia has been up for nomination alongside her partner in crime, Perez Hilton, as well as Katie Hopkins and Keith Chegwin.

Looking back on her time in the house, the former EastEnders star predictably informed us all that she had no regrets, and that she would always stick up for Perez, no matter what.

In her post-exit interview, she revealed to Emma Willis that “People in the house tried to warn me every day about the association.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Nadia Sawalha Gets EVICTED
By MazSight

“There were people other than me that saw the good in Perez you know, but they were afraid to even sit next to him because they worried people wouldn’t vote for them.”

The Other Sawalha Sister then described the other housemate’s attitudes towards Perez as ‘bullying’ – which made her want to befriend him even more:

“Even if I hadn’t have liked him, I would have spent just as much time with Perez because I don’t agree with victimizing and isolating someone. I hate bullying. The attitudes people had towards him in there just pushed me even more towards him.”

Oh Nadia. Brave, or just deluded? Either way, your hysterical, world-weary, paranoid rants reminded us of our Mum when she’s had one too many wines after a PTA meeting, and for that, we salute you.

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