Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton Issued With ANOTHER Formal Warning Over ‘Rape Threat’

Perez Hilton found himself at the centre of yet another Celebrity Big Brother controversy yesterday, as the Big Brother bosses were forced to issue him with yet ANOTHER formal warning.

The shy and retiring housemate caused a great deal of dramz yesterday, as viewers of the show were downright appalled after Perez made some ‘questionable’ comments during an altercation with hair-transplant enthusiast Calum Best.

The blogger repeatedly yelled at Calum, saying that he’d “shove his huge d*** up your a**”.
Yeah, seriously not cool Perez.

The argumented started, as these things often do, as the housemates started getting ready for bed. The pair started rowing about when to turn the bedroom lights off.

A presumably weary and over-tired Calum explained: “I’m just trying to help people go to bed so don’t throw s*** at me”.

But after Perez claimed people didn’t want to go to bed, Calum got a bit aggy and told the blogger to “Be the d***!”

It was then that Perez launched into his controversial tirade, saying, “I will do, I’ll be the huge d*** and I’ll shove it up your a***.”

Like, seriously man – TOO FAR.

And after Calum told him not to speak to him like that, the not-exactly-peace-loving gossip-monger repeated his comments,  screaming “I’ll shove my huge d*** up your a***” like a bit of a mad-man.

Now, before people say ‘LIGHTEN UP GUYS, HE WAS ONLY JOKING” – let’s just think about what it would be like if a guy said that to a woman? Shouting about putting your willy up places where people don’t want them is basically just NEVER a good thing to do, OK?

And after some viewers interpreted Perez’s comments as a rape threat, Big Brother issued the blogger with a formal warning, adding:

“If you repeat this behaviour again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house.”

Of course, Perez’s response was to exclaim: “Fabulous!”

Well done, Perez. You’ve really charmed a nation, haven’t you?

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