Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton To Be Granted A Pass To The Final?

Celebrity Big Brother has been seriously controversial this year, and that’s mostly due to US housemate Perez Hilton, who is convinced that he has been so entertaining that he has actually taken it upon himself to rename Big Bro ‘The Perez Show’.


Anyways, it looks as though Channel 5 producers are in agreement with the blogger, and have now given the viewing public the power to grant Perez a fast pass to the final, or curse him to be up for eviction every week.

Writing on the official website, Big Brother explain: “Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him and tomorrow night during the Live Show Perez will re-enter the house and he discover that you have decided his fate.

“Do you want him to be eternally nominated or given a pass to the final?

“Which one?  You decide. Head to the poll section of the app to have your say.”

Hmmm, something tells us that this could backfire tremendously….

Fans of the show have already accused Channel 5 of favouring Perez after he was swiftly moved into a secret room prior to this week’s nominations, with his fellow housemates being told that he had walked.

As a result, the remaining contestants had to get a little bit more creative during this weeks noms, and Katie Hopkins, Cami Li, Patsy Kensit, and Nadia Sawalha have found themselves facing the chop, whilst Perez survives to fight another day.

After a solid couple of weeks of the 36-year-old being seriously irritating onscreen, leading the audience to chortle chants of ‘Get Perez Out’ during the live shows, the father-of-one has noticeably calmed down of late.

However, his arch nemesis, Katie Hopkins, has remained a little less than calm, and after some particularly uncomfortable viewing over the weekend many concerned viewers have accused the 39-year-old of bullying Perez.

It all came to a head last night when Katie was once again trying to convince Perez’s only friend in the house, Nadia Sawalha, to see the blogger for ‘who he really is’, saying that if he were her child she’d have sent him to his room.

All a bit weird.

The 36-year-old retorted, saying: “If I were your child I’d kill myself.”

Which provoked the former Apprentice star to insist that her children are very happy, thank you very much, before getting personal with Perez, who is a single father to twenty-month-old son, Mario, and saying: “At least my children have a mum AND a dad.”

Which, understandably, provoked quite a reaction from Perez.

Katie later vowed to make the rest of Perez’s time in the house as miserable as possible, prompting comedian Ricky Gervais to take to Twitter and accuse her of ‘calculated bullying’.

The 54-year-old wrote: “Why is it ok for Katie Hopkins to announce that she is trying to make things as awful as possible for Perez? Isn’t that calculated bullying?

“Perez may be a self obsessed man-child, but I think there’s a difference between being a loud general tw*t and targeted victimisation.”

Which the majority of the Twitterverse appeared to whole-heartedly agree with.

So will the addition of the sympathy vote entice viewers to give Perez that elusive pass to the final in a bid to get one over on Katie?

Well, as the old saying goes, YOU DECIDE.

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