Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton Tries To LICK And KISS Katie Hopkins

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates were treated to two days of pleasant tranquility after Perez Hilton staged a fake walk out on Sunday afternoon… However, last night he rejoined the house, and he is most certainly back with a bang.

Much to Katie Hopkin’s dismay.

Yes, we were all left screaming at our tellies last night when the Big Bro livestream was cut off moments after the contestants discovered that they still had a maximum of twelve days left to live with Perez before they are actually free from his grasp, but luckily we are able to see the entire fall-out tonight and it’s, erm… Very weird.

After learning that the US blogger has been cursed with eternal nomination by the British public, rent-a-gob Katie can’t resist but jibe that she has faith in the viewers – only for Perez to retort: “I don’t give a sh*t about the British public.”

Oh. Cheers, bro.

Then, like a small child hyped on sugar, the 36-year-old chases after a LAUGHING Ms. Hopkins, attempting to kiss her and lick her face.

We don’t know what is weirder – the licking, the kissing, OR THE FACT THAT KATIE HOPKINS IS LAUGHING?!

Perez then says to his nemesis: “Let’s have a hug and one night of fun,” only for Katie to refuse his love and demand that he apologises for the very mean words that he said about us Brits.

Obvi the father-of-one then proclaims how much he loves us.

Fickle much?

Clearly laughter can’t last longer than 3.07 seconds in that house, with it not being long until the duo are at their classic, rowing best – and this time around, when Perez tries to lick Katie’s face again she FIRMLY tells him not to.

We can’t keep up.

And who know why Perez has come out of the secret room with an obsession with licking the Apprentice star. In fact, do we even want to know?!

Basically, it’s all very odd and we can already feel a stress headache coming on for when we watch it.


We are actually starting to despair.

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