Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Peter Andre Is ‘Horrified’ By Katie Price’s Crude Remarks

Right, so Celebrity Big Brother bosses aren’t happy with Katie Price’s appearance in the show because she’s too boring, and her ex-husband Peter Andre is “horrified” by her appearance because it’s too outrageous.


Pete and Katie have had a famously frosty relationship ever since their four-year marriage broke down in 2009, with the two sharing joint custody of their children, nine-year-old Junior and seven-year-old Princess.

Unsurprisingly, the Mysterious Girl crooner isn’t too happy with the mum-of-five after she signed a megabucks deal to enter the famous house, and has spent the majority of her screentime openly discussing her sex life.

Trust us, it’s been vomtastic.

As a result, Big Brother is strictly banned in the Andre household whilst he and his fiancee, Emily MacDonagh, enjoy full custody of the two children.

A source dished to Reveal magazine: “Pete’s got a zero tolerance policy about Big Brother in his house.

“He’s banned any talk of it, or even a second of it to be shown on his TV.

“He thinks Katie is far too sexualised on it and says he doesn’t want his children watching the ‘horror show’.”

But even though he can protect Junior and Princess from watching their mum’s dramz first hand, the 41-year-old is still worried that they might get bullied from school, with the source adding: “Pete worries about them getting a hard time at school because of it.

“He thinks it’s completely inappropriate and is just the latest example of how they have totally different views on how to bring up kids.

“Everywhere Pete turns, people are talking about her on CBB, and even asking him what he thinks.

“He’s battled for years to move on from Katie, so all the hysteria around her is his worst nightmae- and the kids are his number one priority in this.”

Quite right.

Whilst Big Bro producers have reportedly been left disappointed by how quiet and reserved the Pricey has been during her time in the house, the mum-of-five did make a fair few jaws drop with some rather graphic tales of her sex life.

Like the time she compared ex-beau Danny Cipriani’s manhood to a ‘chipolata’,or when she revealed that she “couldn’t put enough up” ex-hubby Alex Reid, and how ex-lover Leandro Penna was so well-endowed he gave her cystitis.

A far cry from his newly qualified doctor of a partner, Emily, eh? (Which, as a side note, Peter is SERIOUSLY proud about).

Thankfully for the dad-of-three, a high court order has prevented Big Brother from airing any of the goss that Katie may spill about him, with there already being reports that she has told her fellow housemates all of the dirty details from their seriously messy divorce.


And if Pete’s views on Katie’s CBB appearance are anything to go by, things are only going to get messier between them. 

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