Celebrity Big Brother 2015: What Is Katie Price And Alicia Douvall’s History?

When Katie Price entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, we all knew that she had a fair bit of personal beef with Katie Hopkins, but what’s the deal between the former glamour model and Alicia Douvall?

During in last night’s live stream, Katie was unpacking her suitcase when Alicia approached the 36-year-old in an attempt to patch up their volatile history, with Katie admitting that she was “sh*tting herself” when she saw her new housemate.

Katie shared: “Yeah, I was sh*tting myself when I saw you because I didn’t know what you were going to say.

“Were you worried about seeing me?”

To which the 35-year-old replied: “Yes, because of the stuff in the press – but you can’t judge until you know someone.”

So, what is this mysterious ‘stuff in the press’ that left the poor girls so on edge?

Well, it actually goes back a whopping three years, when the Pricey made some rather unkind comments about Alicia’s plastic surgery.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the opinionated star had said: “Alicia Douvall, to me, that is having a problem with surgery, I don’t understand it.

“She doesn’t have anyone around her to say, ‘Look what are you doing’.

“That amount of work doesn’t make you look younger, that’s an illness. It’s sad. Some people don’t know when to stop.”

Thankfully for the housemates, but not so much for us drama-loving viewers, it looks as though the two women are letting bygones be bygones, with Katie even lending Alicia some pajamas last night after they bonded in their bedroom heart-to-heart.

Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins spent the evening showering Ms. Price with compliments, telling her how lovely her gold dress and big hair looked as she no dealt felt a little bit sheepish over comments she had made about her new housemate in the past.

The two Katies clashed in tremendous fashion last year when the former Apprentice candidate mocked Katie for naming her now five-month-old daughter Bunny.

Making a dig at the star’s husband’s cheating, Katie said: “BUNNY? Makes sense, given your dad was going at it like a rabbit with all of mum’s mates’.”


Pricey was also left offended by the rent-a-gob’s remarks about childhood obesity, telling OK! magazine: “Katie Hopkins can shove it when she says there’s a fat parent behind every fat kid.’”

Referencing her eldest child, Harvey, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome among other conditions, she added: “That is such an ignorant view…

“If she had to deal with the issues that Harvey does every day, she would curl up into a ball and give up.”

However, it looks as though the new housemate is willing to give Katie Hopkins another chance, being quick to address their issues and say that she wants to talk it over with a cup of tea in the morning.

Now that is something that we can’t wait to see.

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