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And… it’s over!

Emma Willis is going for a big sleep, Keith Chegwin is going to hang about with people who don’t find it baffling that he doesn’t enjoy a daily fight and Katie Price is presumably going back to Twitter, where you will find her making just the odd mention of Jane Poutney.

Meanwhile for us viewers, the winter telly hibernation ends and we return to our normal lives. We won’t go to sleep with the sound of Perez Hilton shrieking “But I OWN that” echoing in our ears and we know that unless we hang around with small children, we’re unlikely to see a person insert cheese into their nostril.

What a relief! We are free! Free to have a Girls marathon, watch a happy episode of Come Dine With Me or even just enjoy a cheeky Friends repeat – and who wouldn’t rather go to bed hearing the voice of Joey Tribbiani in their ear above the shrill yell of Katie Hopkins?

Except… I have a confession.


Straight away, I was hooked by this series of Celebrity Big Brother.Every night by the time 9pm came around, I was like a coffee addict twitching at the break of dawn outside Starbucks. Like the cast of TOWIE at the door to a nightclub. Like Alicia Douvall when she sees a scalpel.

I needed my Celebrity Big Brother hit, even though I knew everything about it was wrong because let’s face it – admitting that you love this series of Celebrity Big Brother is akin to admitting that you love going to stand outside bars at 1am on a Sunday morning and watching drunk people glass each other.

Not right, very weird and actually, pretty sinister.

It’s been a series so aggressive, they put increasingly stark warnings on the TV every night to make sure we’re prepared. The characters have been so dislikeable, there are now people in this country who feel positive emotions towards Katie Hopkins.

And you know what? The viewing figures suggest that all the anger and the nastiness did is make us love it even more than usual.

So what causes us to see people’s misery and rage as entertainment to enjoy alongside a large wine and a bag of Doritos on a Friday night? What is it about seeing other humans shout at each other in their dressing gowns that appeals to us?

Clinical Psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd explains:

“We’re social animals,” she says. “Celebrity Big Brother allows you to watch up-close relationships and the fall out. There’s an excitement and drama in watching the scenes play out. It’s group behaviour – fights for status, relationship dynamics and you get to see the sides of people you don’t often witness.”

And the concept of enjoying the fights and upset even has a name: schadenfreude, which means “pleasure derived from the misfortune of others”, ie the enjoyment we feel when we see someone else mess up or go through something bad. Kav telling Cheggers to “f*** off”. Hopkins telling Alicia she is thick. Perez goading Alexander.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Tom Grange agrees:

“Part of the human condition is to enjoy the suffering of others,” he says. “This goes back throughout human history – think gladiators.”

And now we don’t have gladiators any more? Well, we have Channel 5 reality TV instead.
“Conflict and suffering in our society is relatively rare in everyday life and is something of a spectacle as a result,” explains Dr Grange. “This is why we slow down to look at crashes on a road or watch fights outside a pub and is no different to watching arguments on Big Brother.”

And now it’s over, with Katie Price crowned the winner and the decorators giving it a spruce up before the next lot go in?

Well, just don’t be surprised if you see a crowd of people pulling up their sofas and taking out their camera phones outside Wetherspoons on Friday nights.

Dr Jessamy Hibberd is the co-author of series ‘This Book will… make you Calm/Confident/Happy/Sleep/ Mindful/ Feel Beautiful’. For more info visit jessamyandjo.com

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