Celebrity Big Brother: Calum Best Would ‘Love A Bromance’ If He DID Go Into The House

Celebrity Big Brother housemates for 2015 might still be nothing more than speculation and gossip for the next few hours, but is it just us or are the rumoured contestants making things really bloomin’ obvious this time around?

Following Perez Hilton’s spree of tweeting every single other rumoured housemate EVER yesterday, Calum Best has come forward in an interview to basically describe his dream Big Brother scenario.

Hmm, he’s sure put a lot of thought into something that he DEFINITELY WON’T BE DOING, right?

Speaking to OK! magazine, the son of infamous footballer, George Best, revealed that he has given up his playboy ways and would be after a different kind of relationship if he were to enter the most famous house in the country.

Calum shared: “I’d like to be in there with another guy who I could have a bit of a bromance with.

“I obviously love spending time with women but I’m a guys’ guy and I’d find it really hard if I didn’t have another lad in there to bond with.

“I’d love to meet with someone who is as into Fitness as I am now too, because then we could work out together.”

Ooh, does this mean that the 33-year-old might actually be able to bond with fellow rumoured contestant, and fitness fanatic, Katie Hopkins if they were both to be in there?

“I’m not crazy abut people who are loud or obnoxious,” Calum adds, “I’m quite laid back so anyone who likes to be the centre of attention or who is rude for no reason would really grate on me.”

Erm… Maybe not then.

Generally though, Calum reckons – all hypothetically of course – that he would make a ruddy good housemate, because he’s “pretty sociable” and will be “well-liked”, he says: “I like to think I’d be everyone’s friend.

“I’ve seen enough of shows like CBB in the past to know that people who engage in big rows often end up coming across really badly and I wouldn’t want that.”

“I’m not really one for arguments anyways.”

We have a feeling that if anything could end up getting a rise out of Mr. Not-One-For-Arguments it’s the Big Brother house.

Now we just have to wait and see if Calum really does end up going in, or if it was just all one big double bluff.

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