Celebrity Big Brother: James Jordan Slams Claudia Winkleman In Strictly Come Dancing Rant

Oh dear.

It’s bad enough that most of the viewing public seem to have taken quite a dislike to James Jordan following his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but now Claudia Winkleman and the rest of the Strictly Come Dancing team can be added to his ever-growing list of enemies.

Bit awks considering his wife, Ola Jordan, still works with them. 


Basically, in last night’s episode we saw James criticize the BBC’s decision to hire Claudia as Bruce Forsyth’s replacement, ranting to White Dee: “They should have a man presenting rather than two women.”

Is that a douse of good old fashioned sexism we spy?

To be fair, we assume that he means a man AND a woman, not that one male presenter is worth two female ones but still, what’s wrong with having two same-sex presenters?

Does the “Brad Pitt of the dancing world” (his words, definitely not ours) have an issue with Ant and Dec too?

We somehow doubt it.

James continued with his moan, saying: “I love Claudia and I love Tess (Daly), but I don’t think they complement eachother. 

“Bring back Michael Barrymore is what I say. The BBC should have thought more outside the box.”

The 36-year-old dancer then went on to share his views on a same-sex couple dancing together, and they seemed pretty similar to the views of two women presenting together, saying: “Latin dancing is about a man and a woman. Not two people of the same sex.

“Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you can’t dance with a woman. I do not agree with men dancing with men.”

Although James clearly thinks that he might have a point in there somewhere, he quickly realised exactly how badly those words could be interpreted and hastily added: “My dance idol growing up was as camp as a butcher’s hook. 

“He was totally gay but he was the most masculine dancer you could ever meet. Why would a man want to dance with a man?”

We don’t know James, but why do you think that it is your business?

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Billy Hallowell

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