Celebrity Big Brother: James Jordan Snaps Over Gary Busey Gay Jibes, Things Get Awkward

Well, that didn’t take long.

Who knew that peace and tranquility wouldn’t last longer than a day in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Strictly Come Dancing’s James Jordan was the first housemate to crack after clashing with actor, Gary Busey, over inappropriate gay jibes.

Ironically, this fallout came shortly after James had taken to the diary room to say that Gary might rub other housemates up the wrong way, but he found the eccentric character quite funny.


Somebody spoke way  too soon.

The confrontation began when Leslie Jordan put on some white surgical gloves, which prompted James to mime taking his trousers down and joke: “ASSUME THE POSITION!”

Gary then asked James if he is gay, to which James explained that he is 100% straight and happily married but comfortable enough to camp it up every now and then.

Lovely, that’s that question answered – presumably it would all be sorted?

Of course not.

Unable to drop it, Gary asked James if he’s “not afraid to get buttf*cked”, leading the dancer to retort with: “I have never hit a 70-year-old before”


Gaz STILL didn’t seem to take the hint, telling other housemates who were awkwardly standing by that James had tubes of vaseline hidden in his luggage.

And then James pretty much hit the roof.

As though he was a teacher talking to a naughty student, the 36-year-old sternly told Gary to look at him, not the other housemates, and stop interrupting him.

It was actually really cringeworthy to watch.

“You might be 70 but you should be careful with what you say,” James warned a bemused Gary, who still didn’t really appear to understand what he had done wrong. 

The argument went round in circles AT LEAST three times before an exasperated James appeared to give up trying and apologised if he had misunderstood a joke, but that the joke was inappropriate.

The pair later kissed and made-up, so to speak, in the garden, with Gary saying that he “didn’t mean to harm or defame” and James accepting that maybe he took the comments the wrong way.

And that was the kind of anti-climactic end to that.

As well as causing offence with his kind of weird ‘sense-of-humour’ and inappropriate comments, Gary has also raised the eyebrows of his fellow housemates by claiming that he has been visited by Patrick Swayze’s ghost…

We can’t dispute the fact that he would probably be a nightmare to live with, but by God Gary is going to make some AMAZING TV.

And we actually can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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