Celebrity Big Brother: Patsy Kensit To Spill Liam Gallagher ‘Sex Secrets’ In The House?

Liam Gallagher’s ex-wife, Patsy Kensit, has apparently signed up to appear in Celebrity Big Brother, and word on the grapevine is that the Oasis frontman is “quaking in his boots”.

It is believed that the singer/ actress won’t hold back when it comes to spilling the beans on their relationship, especially in the… Erm… ‘bedroom department’.


A source, who clearly knows more about Liam’s sex life than we would ever like to, told The Daily Star: “He is probably quaking in his boots worrying about what secrets Patsy might spill about their life together.

“That girl has thousands of tales to tell and should she dish the dirt, it would make explosive TV.”

…Do we want to ask?

The 46-year-old married the bad boy back in 1997, and had a now-fifteen-year-old son, Lennon, together during their three year marriage.

However, marital bliss turned sour when Liam did the dirty with another woman, and fathered a daughter with her – hmm, we can now see why Patsy might be bitter enough to share some goss, tbh.

And it isn’t even just Liam who has been left a tad concerned about what their ex might come out with – Patsy also had a four-year-marriage to Simple Minds singer, Jim Kerr in the 90s and rocker Dan Donovan in 1988.

Her marriage to fourth husband, DJ Jeremy Healy, back in 2009 only lasted one year, but we’re sure that’s still enough time to get her fair share of juice to spill.

As well as marrying men with a bad reputation and looking gorgeous, Patsy has starred alongside the likes of Mel Gibson in Hollywood films, and played super-bitch, Sadie King, in ITV soap, Emmerdale.

Eeee, in all honesty – we are rather excited by the prospect of her going into the most famous house in the country, but something tells us that we may need a stronger stomach if she is going to opt to go down the ‘sex secrets’ route…

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