Celebrity Big Brother: Stephanie Pratt And George Gilbey Share Passionate Kiss? There’s Hope For Us All!

Is this real life?

When little George Gilbey of Clacton-On-Sea broke up with his girlfriend, moved back in with his mum, and agreed to be on a TV show called Gogglebox we doubt that he thought he would be in the Celebrity Big Brother house within the next year.

And beyond that, we doubt that he ever even dreamed that whilst in the Celebrity Big Brother house he would embark on a romance with the gorgeous Stephanie Pratt from The Hills/ Made In Chelsea.

But as it happens, there is hope for us all and last night at 11.56pm Big Brother Live reported that George and Stephanie had had their first kiss, and provided us with the evidence needed to prove it.

By 12.42am the pair were cuddled up in bed before Stephanie kicked him out at 1.05am.

Who knew that the live Big Brother Twitter feed could be SO juicy?

We bet that he can’t believe his luck.

The unlikely couple have been getting close since the show launched last Monday. There had been a little bit of flirting which we had OBVIOUSLY believed to be totally light-hearted and not at all serious, but this locking of the lips suggests otherwise.

George has previously said that he is going to give the American a present everyday, including a bowl that he had carved ‘I love ewww’ into, which she seemed genuinely delighted with.

To be fair, it was pretty impressive.

Stephanie later revealed that she could love George in a “sexual way one day”, but we just thought that she meant one day way, way, way, way, way in the hypothetical future.

Not less than a week later.

It’s a shame that Gogglebox isn’t airing right now because we would LOVE to see the 30-year-old’s mum and stepdad cheering him on.

We bet being axed from the Channel 4 reality show was totally worth it now.

Right, George?

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