Celebrity Big Brother: Why Does Louie Spence HATE James Jordan So Much?


Louie Spence has massiveLY laid into none other than foot-tapper extraordinaire and Celebrity Big Brother contestant James Jordan.  

Who knew there was such drama in the world of dance?

Speech-impediment enthusiast and former contestant Louie was asked by BB host Emma Willis who he ‘loathed’ in the house, and responded: “Someone who wears tighter shorts than me.”

What, David Mackintosh?

Well apparently not, as Louie then made it VERY clear who he was referring to: “Ive got a tight, fit ass. I would say James.”

Modest, isn’t he?

Louie went on to say he would choose James’ ego to chuck on the scrap heap, and said that he would ACTUALLY trample all over him.


So where does this poisonous hatred stem from then? An ill-judged Pasodoble?

Well, Louie took to Twitter last night to explain it all – screen grabbing one of James’ (very old) tweets, (we love the fact he probably has a file of bitchy screen grabs saved on his computer, dating back to the heady days of Pineapple Dance Studios).

James wrote at the time: “So bored on my own I’m watching BB! I know some idiots in the dance world, but Louie Spence has made it into my top two. #Notalllikehim.”

Louie then captioned the shot, saying: “I have never meet James, when I was in the BB house he wanted to voice his opinion, I like this game #getjamesout.”

It’s like West Side Story’s come all the way to Borehamwood.

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Elizabeth Wagmeister

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