Celebrity Big Brother’s Chloe Goodman Lost Over A Stone Before Going Into The House

It’s January, which basically means two things – Celebrity Big Brother is back on and celebrity weight loss pictures are out in force, and former CBB housemate, Chloe Goodman, has spent the first month of 2015 ticking both of those boxes.

Is this some kind of a new record?

The Ex On The Beach star was the first housemate to be evicted last week, and has now come forward to reveal that she shed a massive 16lbs in just four weeks before entering the famous house, getting rid of her ‘kangaroo pouch’, which used to overhang her bikini.

The 21-year-old shared: “When I put on weight it tends to go straight on my hips and tummy. It gives me some pretty unsightly loose skin at the bottom of my tummy and I also get love handles.

“These stubborn areas of fat are really difficult to shift and I was determined to get rid of them for Celebrity Big Brother.

“With the cameras on you 24 hours a day, you always want to look your best. And you know that some people will quickly pick up on anything wrong with your body.”

Chlo managed to slim from 9st to her tiny ideal weight of 7st 12lbs by cutting out unHealthy snacks and working out daily, as well as taking Forza Raspberry K2 supplements, which is a popular diet aid.

Eat less and move more? Katie Hopkins would be proud.

The beauty said of her changing bod: “My weight does yo-yo quite a lot.

“I switch between 9st at my heaviest to as low as 7st 7lb when I am super thin. I look my best at just under 8st.

“I do hate my body when I am overweight. It eats away at my confidence and I find I have far less energy, too.

“I put on weight very quickly and it all goes on my hips. I only have to look at a cake and I can feel my love handles growing.

“My weak spot is chocolate and specifically Galaxy bars. I can easily eat one of those big bars on my own.”

Love handles? At 9st? Babes, there’s nothing of you.

The reality star also proudly managed to avoid gaining weight whilst on CBB, which is pretty impressive considering the housemates are sat around doing nothing all day and Alicia Douvall hogs all of the bananas and healhy snacks.

But apparently maintaining her slim figure was all thanks to those supplements that we mentioned, with Chloe sharing: “Obviously there was not much room in the house but I carried on with my exercises.

“I was also taking Forza Supplements’ Raspberry K2s to keep me on the straight and narrow while I was on the show.

 “I didn’t put on any weight as a result.”


Chloe’s loss in weight also saw her bust go down from a 32D to a 28D, but the star has slammed claims that she’ll be copying the majority of her housemates and going under the knife for some sneaky implants, saying: “I’m very proud of my figure.

“I’ve got no plans at this stage to have any surgery – my boobs are exactly where they should be for a 21-year-old woman.

“My attitude might change when I am older and my boobs droop a bit after childbirth, but I am very happy with them now.”

We bet that she is gutted that she missed out on last night’s boob talk with Katie Hopkins, Michelle Visage, and Alicia…

Chloe Goodman is a brand ambassador for Forza Supplements’  Raspberry K2s which are sold at Boots, Tesco and Superdrug.

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