Celebrity Big Brother’s James Jordan Banned From Supporting Wife Ola At Strictly Come Dancing

James will have to cheer Ola on from home.

Despite coming third in the Celebrity Big Brother final on Friday, things aren’t exactly looking up for dancer James Jordan, as he is apparently banned from the BBC studios, meaning that he will be unable to support his wife of eleven years, Ola, in Strictly Come Dancing. 

It has been reported that bosses at the Beeb don’t want anything more to do with him and he isn’t even welcome to watch the live shows when they start in two weeks time. 

There’s definitely no love lost between James and the BBC.

After working on the show for eight years, James was famously sacked back in May whilst Ola was asked to continue on as a professional dancer.

The Celebrity Big Brother villain has made no secret of his outrage at being fired from the show, apparently fuming that he was loyal the the channel for so long.

A source for Strictly Come Dancing revealed: “The BBC got rid of him from that role for a reason and they simply don’t want him there. The usual rule is that the dancers, both celebrity contestants and pros, get a couple of tickets per show.

“Things got so bad between James and the BBC. They view him as a stirrer and there is no place for that.”

The dancer’s stint on the Channel 5 reality show probably didn’t do him any favours with getting back on Strictly’s good side either after he criticized their decision to hire Claudia Winkleman as Tess Daly’s co-host.

Ranting to White Dee, the ‘Brad Pitt of the dancing world’ revealed that he thinks a man should host the show, before saying: “I love Claudia and I love Tess (Daly), but I don’t think they complement eachother. 

“Bring back Michael Barrymore is what I say. The BBC should have thought more outside the box.”

Ola was quick to jump to her husband’s defense  following his less-than-positive reaction from viewers, claiming: “I think he’s a very honest person and some people don’t like his honesty. He’s very straight-forward and says it how it is.”

Clearly not too worried about the deafening boos her husband got every eviction night, she continued with: “I think he’s doing good. I miss him very much, I can’t wait for him to come home, I miss him loads.”

Well, he might be back home with you now, Ola – but he won’t be able to join you in the workplace.

Is it just us that thinks it all sounds a tad petty?

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