Celebrity Big Brother’s Katie Price: Kieran Hayler LOVES My New, Smaller Boobs

In case you missed that gross ‘my-implant-is-hanging-out’ chat from Katie Price’s first night in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the former glamour model went down a whopping five cup sizes in her seventh boob job, which she had just before Christmas.

After being famed for having a mahoosive chest, Katie decided that it was time to become a little bit more reserved as she treated herself to a C-Cup bra size as a Christmas present to herself.

Whatever happened to a nice box of chocolates, eh?

Despite all that scar-splitting, infection-inducing surgery, the 36-year-old is over the moon with her new bod, and she has now dished that her hubby, Kieran Hayler, can’t get enough either.

Katie told OK magazine: “Kieran compliments me every day and always tells me he loves my figure.

“He loves my new boobs as well, and he has seen how much I love them too, and how many different clothes I can wear now.

“I always used to have to get dresses custom-made before so it’s great to not have to worry about that – it was really expensive, and you can only wear them once if you’re photographed!”

Sounds like a nightmare.

On top of her boobs, Katie is pretty pleased with the rest of her body too, adding: “I think I look pretty good after having five kids and being 36 years old!

“But I’m like all the other women out there who would change certain things.

“My plan after Big Brother is to get super fit again, as I did love it when I was super fit. I had more energy and my skin was better too.”

However, that doesn’t mean that the CBB housemate isn’t prone to a bit of junk food every now and then, with Katie admitting: “I’m terrible  with biscuits, and I can never just have one.

“I’ve been trying not to have McDonald’s and curries but I love them – I know they’re bad for you, but whatever, the odd one here and there isn’t going to be too bad.

“If I want junk food I will eat it, but I actually feel better when I eat Healthy food.”

Katie also shed some light on why her Big Brother antics might not be quite as outrageous as we thought they would, revealing: “I very rarely drink as I can’t handle it and it makes me feel awful.

“I think I probably drink about three times a year.”

So THAT’S why she has been so quiet and reserved – we bet the producers are kicking themselves for not checking out that little nugget of information before shelling out half a million quid on her.

Still, we bloomin’ love the Pricey.

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