Celebrity Brother 2014 Line-Up REVEALED: Kellie Moloney, Lauren Goodger and David McIntosh

Warning: there are LOTS of potential spoilers in this article!

We think we have got our mitts on the official Celebrity Big Brother line-up! We know – we didn’t want to look but we kind of had to at the same time.

So if you just HAVE to know then here it is in all its glory –

•    Lauren Goodger – Towie star
•    Edele Lynch – B*Witched singer
•    Claire King – Emmerdale actress
•    Audley Harrison – Heavyweight boxer
•    David McIntosh – Kelly Brook boyfriend
•    Ricci Guarnaccio – Geordie Shore star
•    George Gilbey – Gogglebox star
•    James Jordan – Strictly dancer
•    Stephanie Pratt – The Hills/MIC star
•    White Dee – Benefits Street
•    Kellie Maloney – Former boxing promoter

Shall we go through them one-by-one? Oh OK, then.

1. Paul Daniels and Debee McGee have already threatened to have sex in the house. VOM. There hasn’t been this much magic in the house since Kinga made that wine bottle disappear…
Celebrity Brother 2014 Line-Up REVEALED: Kellie Moloney, Lauren Goodger and David McIntosh
By MazSight

2.    So Lauren Goodger we basically already knew was confirmed. The former TOWIE star has been rumoured to be going into the famous house for a while now.

3.    Edele Lynch who we reckon is this series’ token washed up popstar. Best known for her recent appearance on Big Reunion as part of B*Witched.

4.    Claire King aka Kim Tate off Emmerdale – we reckon as the only slightly older female contestant she will inevitably be the ‘Mum of the group’.

5.    Audley Harrison is most definitely the token ‘gentle giant sportsman’.

6.    David McIntosh is reportedly keen to use his time in the house to show that there’s more to him than muscles and dating Kelly Brook.

We are hoping he uses his time to tell the truth behind the whole ‘van loaded with dead badgers’ incident. If you have no idea what we are talking about then think yourselves lucky.

7.    Ricci off Geordie Shore – we reckon he watched last year and is keen to ride off the back of the success of Charlotte Crosby.

Being from Geordie Shore there is probably not much that he wouldn’t do on telly.

8.    George Gilbey who will basically be representing us lot at home. We are expecting him to be starstruck before latching onto White Dee for some normalcy.

9.    James Jordan – two words, eye candy.

10.    Stephanie Pratt – best known for her work on The Hills and Made in Chelsea. Token American.

11.    White Dee. Best known for scrounging on Benefits Street and jetting off to Magaluf with her government handouts.

12.    Kellie Maloney. Formerly Frank Maloney who managed Lennox Lewis before having a sex change. She is believed to be the highest paid contestant receiving a whopping 400,000.

CBB kicks off tommorrow night, 9pm, Channel 5.

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