Chanelle Hayes Blasts Celebrity Big Brother Ex David McIntosh, Says He’s A ‘Scrounger’

It was only a matter of time.

We knew that it wouldn’t be long before the gossip started pouring in about this year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates, and Chanelle Hayes has provided us with an interesting insight into muscleman David McIntosh‘s dating techniques. 

The former Big Brother contestant revealed that she dated Kelly Brook’s fiance three years ago for all of three weeks and what she had to say *may* surprise you:

“He’s not a gentleman at all. He is so in love with himself. All he spoke about was how great he and his body was.”

David is in love with himself? We won’t believe it.

That is positively groundbreaking.

Okay, so Chanelle did go on to tell The Sun some slightly juicier details and apparently he is very, very tight with money.

The 26-year-old revealed that for their first date they went to the ever romantic Pizza Hut and David made her pay.

Which apparently soon became a habit for the former gladiator. 

Things went from bad to worse when he invited her back to his house to watch a DVD…


…Apart from David actually meant to watch a DVD, more specifically a DVD of him in the TV show Gladiators so that he could watch himself in action as alter ego Tornado.

Awkward much?

That would probably have been enough for us to end it to be honest, but Chanelle’s final straw in the short-lived romance came when he invited her over another time for dinner and refused to put the heating on.

Chanelle says of that fateful night: “I just sat there, miserable, thinking I had better things to do than put up with his terrible chat in a freezing house.”

And that was the end of that.

The glamour model was also eager to make clear her views on David’s relationship with Kelly Brook, saying: “I feel sorry for Kelly because she could have her pick of anyone but she’s settling for a fame-hungry scrounger who will never have to work again if she walks down the aisle with him.”

Don’t bother sugarcoating it then, Chanelle!

It seems that either David has changed his ways or Kelly doesn’t mind footing the bill for all of their dates as she has revealed herself to be quite the proud partner during David’s time in the house. 

The model/ actress tweeted support for her fiance yesterday morning, going on to urge fans to vote to save David from this week’s eviction.

So Proud of David!! God I sound like Victoria Beckham

Jason Weisberger

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