Channing Tatum’s Reddit AMA: 18 Things We Learned About The Magic Mike Actor*

We love Channing Tatum. We have always loved Channing Tatum. He is hilarious, super hot, and, on top of all of that, he seems like a pretty decent guy as well.

So when the actor announced that he would be taking part in one of Reddit’s infamous AMAs in order to “expose himself” before the release of hotly anticipated Magic Mike sequel, erm, Magic Mike XL, we knew to expect something awesome… But to be honest, nothing could have prepared us for the absolute hilarity that would ensue.

Here are 18 things that we learned about Chan during last night’s Q&A – and it’s ruddy hilarious.

1. He Seems Pretty game For Sex With Danny DeVito:

2. Like, REALLY Game:

 3. And He Has A Lot Of Love For His Co-Stars Too…

4. He Genuinely Loves Pinterest?!

5. He’s Just As Confused By His Involvement In Jupiter Ascending As We Are:

6.  He’s A Rational Thinker:

7. He Can Appreciate A Good Rumour When He Hears One:

8. Even He Didn’t Understand Shia LaBeouf’s BIZARRE Speech:

9. He’s So Cool, Even His Poop Is Frozen:

10. How To Make Him The Perfect Sandwich:

11. He Doesn’t Do Full Frontal. Sadface.

12. He’s A Simple Man Of Simple Tastes:

13. He’s Super Humble:

14. He Loves The Care Bears – The More You Know, Eh?

15. He’s Proud Of Being Such A Sexy Beast:

16. The Truth Behind THAT Sony Email:

17. He’s Super Proud Of His Pals:

18. Oh, And, Erm…. His Penis Has A Nickname:


We don’t know about you, but our lives are definitely a bit richer now that we know all of this Very Important Information.

We bloomin’ love you, Channing Tatum – please don’t ever change.

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Jolene Creighton

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