Charlotte Church: ‘I Want To Lawfully Smash Katie Hopkins’ Face In’

POLITICS, EH? Just when you thought you’d had your fill of people posting half-baked opinions about potholes on the A46 onto Facebook, and seeing your Twitter feed clogged up with Nicola Sturgeon selfies, those in celeb-land kick it all off again.

And take a WILD guess which notorious motor-mouth got full-time Welshwoman and part-time warbler Charlotte Church into a right old huff this weekend?


Yes, the shy and retiring darling of the left (sarcasm klaxon) took to Twitter to mouth off about The Voice Of An Angel and her appearance at an anti-austerity march in Cardiff City Centre yesterday.

The Hopkins, making a real effort to unite the people of this country, posted a link to one of her articles – gloating at those who opposed a conservative victory – alongside an image of Charlotte on her austerity march with one of Katie dressed up like The Queen.

Modest, isn’t she?

In the tweet, she wrote: “Oi! @charlottechurch wind your neck in. Your Welsh AND you lost. Own your problems.”

Flippin’ heck.

Anyway, the ‘Crazy Chick’ songstress and former Rear of the Year was quick to bite back, replying to Katie: “I have no interest in ever conversing with you. You lack humility AND you can’t spell. Parasite.”

Not so much of an angel anymore, eh?

And it was when another user asked Charlotte if she’d ever take part in a charity boxing match against the former Apprentice star, that the singer made her feelings VERY clear indeed, saying: ‘I’d relish to opportunity to lawfully smash her face in. #i’dtrainhard #likearockymontage #foreveryone’


The mother-of-two and part-time campaigner then tweeted Hopkins directly, asking her if she fancied a charity boxing match:

Surprisingly, Katie’s yet to respond – which seems very unlike her, don’t you think?

Anyway, watch out Mayweather and Pacquiao, there’s an even bigger match of the century coming, and we think it’s going to be dead messy.

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Billy Hallowell

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